Know What's What With Black Friday Tech Deals

Jacques du Rand 2022-11-26

When Black Friday first came on the scene in South Africa, everyone was super excited. It was almost as exciting as discovering a new box subscription in your favourite quirk.

Over the last few years this excitement has worn off quite quickly as most realised that a number of retailers use it as a gimmick to lure sales on old products, or just use the Black Friday banner, but keep prices the same. The best actual deals are usually the ones on groceries - because you need those - but do make sure you're actually getting a good deal and the prices haven't been marked up for the day to mimic a special, only to pay exactly what you would pay any other day.

Actual Good Tech Deals

There are still some retailers that really do provide a good deal. We looked at Takealot's technology category and compared the products to your every day price and these are the ones that came out top. The best news is that these are also still valid until 29 November 2022.

  1. KINDLE PAPERWHITE 6” Gen 10 - R2,499

    Great deal for yourself or as a Christmas gift. Valid until 29 November 2022.

    Usual price: R2,999 (Makro) , R2,799 (Loot)

    Claimed usual price on Takealot: R3,699


    Need a new washing machine? This is a really good deal and on the silver model.

    Usual Price: R8,999 (Makro) , R7,699 (Hirsch)

    Claimed usual price on Takealot: R10,999

  3. Garmin fenix 6S Pro Outdoor Smartwatch - R8,999

    Excellent gift for any person into fitness, or looking to get fit.

    Usual Price: R10,999 (Incredible Connection) , R10,999.90 (Sportsmans Warehouse)

    Claimed usual price on Takealot: R11,589

  4. Samsung 70" AU7000 UHD Crystal Processor 4K Smart TV - R15,998

    Who wouldn't want a flash, big pretty new TV? And Samsung does not disappoint!

    Usual Price: R18,073 (Loot ) , R16,899 (First Shop )

    Claimed usual price on Takealot: R19,999

  5. Samsung Galaxy A23 64GB LTE Dual Sim - R3,499

    A great phone for a good price.

    Usual Price: R3,699 (Hi-Online ) , R3,999 (CaCell )

    Claimed usual price on Takealot: R4,499

These are just some of the deals we found, but even on Takealot we saw some products listed that were only R100 off the usual selling price, but claiming a higher discount. So always check the “deal” you're buying first instead of just spending money.

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