Best Fibre And WiFi Deals to Kick-off 2022

Jacques du Rand 2022-01-28

Generally as with most commodities, the longer they've been around the more affordable they get. Typically fibre and LTE/WiFi packages have become quite affordable, but we all like a good deal.

South Africa Fibre Internet Specials - 2022

If perhaps your family has grown, you're spending more time working from home, or you just want better connectivity and to upgrade your internet, we've gathered everything you could want to know in one place.

Moving house? We've jotted down the need-to-know process to switch or cancel your fibre when you're moving house, and tips for what you should and shouldn't do before you move. Switching fibre made really easy with Fibre Tiger.

How much speed do you need? When should you consider upgrading your ISP line speed, how much do you really need, or how to tell if it's time to switch your ISP.

Switch to another provider? How to easily switch fibre providers, whether moving or needing better service, an easy guide to help you through the switching process and find and compare a new fibre ISP provider.

Can I get fibre? Don't have fibre yet, but are moving to a new neighbourhood or want to see if it's rolled out in your neighbourhood? Check our fibre coverage map to see if you can finally make it happen.

Top Fibre Deals to Start the Year

Fibre Tiger prides itself in being an objective comparison service for fibre in South Africa. We make it easy to find, sign-up or switch ISP providers based on your network provider and ISPs available on that network.

We don't play favourites, but also don't tolerate bad service or business practice - which is why you won't find all ISPs on our site. Not all ISPs which claims to have "super sonic speeds" should be trusted or considered !

The deals we're highlighting below are nothing but good deals we've come across ourselves.

Now we remind you that not all ISP specials will be relevant across all networks, so you need to first check which network you have (ie Octotel, Vuma, OpenServe etc) to see if the deal is valid for you.

  1. RSAWeb Special on the Octotel Network, Sign up now for a 12 month Uncapped contract for only R385 pm (valid for Jan & Feb 2022) for a 35/25 package. From March the price goes back to R645 per month.

    RSAWEB Octotel Fibre Specials - 2022

  2. Web Africa consistently has the best packages on any Network, but are also currently running a promotion for R399 per month for 3 months. From the 4th month the normal price will kick in at R599 per month. There are additional benefits depending which Network you're with. For example Octotel, Vuma and OpenServe networks are throwing in additional freebies including for example a free router, free installation etc.

    WebAfrica Fibre And LTE Specials - 2022

  3. Axxess is also running a special, but with the OpenServe network. 25/25 Uncapped package for R645 per month. Freebies with this deal include free installation, free router and no connection fee.

Prices may change depending on the network. At the time of publishing, these deals were correct.

To compare all the ISP packages on your network, compare all fibre deals easily on Fibre Tiger.