Are Black Friday Deals Really Worth-it?

Jacques du Rand 2021-11-15

When "black Friday deals" first hit the shores of South Africa in 2012, most of us didn't know what it was about, but still fell over ourselves for the special offers, especially in Tech.

"Black Friday" is actually a concept that started in the United States and falls on the day after the American holiday of Thanksgiving. So coined in the early 60's due to "describe the heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic that would occur on the day after Thanksgiving". It was later used as a draw card for sales on this day - originally in-store only, but now both in-store and online. "Cyber Monday" was later coined for the Monday immediately following Black Friday and reserved for online sales only.

For a couple of years it was the highlight of retailers like Takealot's annual turnover, Christmas aside. In more recent years, South Africans have felt that the occasion was used to either pawn off products that would otherwise not sell in the year, or inflate prices for this period, so it appears that products are hugely discounted.

During the last two years, although sales have still been really good, South Africans have been a little more conservative with spending their money on Black Friday deals. Now that things have returned to a more semi-normal state as regards the pandemic, we wonder if 2021's sale will show a steep curve on spending compared to the last two years.

Keeping all of this in mind, and with Black Friday fast approaching on 26 November, here are some of the specials and retailers we thought worth a visit if you're so inclined.

Black Friday Deals for 2021

What Should Be in Your Cyber Monday Wishlist?

Cyber Monday is usually reserved for the Monday following Black Friday and has become a popular day dedicated to online sales only. Most retailers do include online sales as part of Black Friday, but traditionally Black Friday was reserved for in-store specials as opposed to online.

We haven't noticed any specific deals mentioned for Cyber Monday yet, however we did notice that many of the same retailers are also having Cyber Monday deals.

Whether you're the sales-type shopper or not, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are going to be coming at you heavily for the next couple of weeks.

We noticed that MTN and Vodacom are also offering deals on packages and devices as part of their Black Friday deals, but unlike previous years the ISPs don't seem to be participating in fibre deals this year. You can always count on Fibre Tiger to help you find the best deals any time of year. Whether signing up or switching, Fibre Tiger remains the easiest platform to find and compare the best fibre deals .